Mila Milan™ is heavily tattooed but also took up tattooing herself years ago in her native Austria.

After some active years filming and on Cam, Mila will now next to her Design work set up her own chain of female run Tattoo studios.

End of 2015 / early 2016 her first two studios under the label Mila Milan™ will open in The Netherlands and Bangkok (Thailand).

Mila herself will be tattooing in these studios, as well as on location in the US, Asia and Europe when she is doing shoots or design work there.

The plan is to open 20 - 25 Mila Milan™ Tattoo Studios world wide in the coming 5 years, with already plans and contacts in New York, Amsterdam and Vienna.

You can book Mila for a Tattoo date NOW in Thailand or Holland or when she travels. Have a look at the original Mila Tattoo Designs.S